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The best MMI crash course for students applying to medical school, which is now available as an online course with videos, booklets and tonnes of example questions. 

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Learn how to prepare each station of the medical school MMI interview

Receiving great feedback from both teachers and students alike, this ten-lesson online course teaches you all you need to know about how to prepare for the MMI interview, using a highly structured and successful approach.


Learn what admissions tutors are looking for

Taught by medical students from the University of Cambridge, you’ll learn first hand what admissions tutors are looking to see.  Subsequently, you will learn how to structure your answers concisely to ensure you are answering the question yet clearly demonstrating the qualities that are required to become a doctor.

We will also cover the most important stations of the MMI interview: personal statement grill, the common questions, medical ethics, current affairs and data interpretation and analysis.

Learn about key topics like medical ethics, data analysis, science and current affairs

Using in-depth examples and gaining extensive advice throughout, you’ll find out exactly what constitutes a good vs bad answer. For each question, we have both good and bad examples that you can use to devise your own answers.

You’ll then have time to have a go yourself drafting your own answers, with feedback and advice provided on every aspect of the process.


Section 1: Interview Fundamentals

Lesson 1 - Understanding the Interview format

The most important prerequisite to performing well at interview is having a firm understanding of what is going to be expected of you. Learn about the structure of the MMI and the key stations you are likely to face.

Lesson 2 - Adapting your personal statement
This lesson teaches you to expand on experiences in your personal statement and use it to demonstrate the qualities interviewers want to see. Remember, your personal statement is your biggest asset.
Lesson 3 - How to Structure Your Answers

Using a highly successful method, this lesson goes through how to structure your answers concisely, ensuring you are answering the question logically whilst sounding really enthusiastic.

Section 2: Key Topics to Learn

Lesson 4 - Medical Ethics

This lesson highlights the duties of a doctor and the 4 main principles of medical ethics. We gain knowledge of the rules of consent, confidentiality and some key topics like abortion and euthanasia.

Lesson 5 - Current Affairs and Data Analysis

In this lesson we cover how to confront the science station. We learn the skills of how to present data, analyse graphs and demonstrate knowledge of current affairs.

Section 3: Example Questions and Answers

Lesson 6 - Common Topics

This lesson focusses on common questions asked at interview. Learn some key do’s and dont’s before exploring example good and bad responses, using the information to construct your own logical and convincing answers.

Lesson 7 - Personal Statement Questions
We go through the process of  doing an A-E assessment for a sick patient. This is summarised in an easy-to-remember one page A4 template. We then go through other clinical scenarios you might be asked and how to show your clinical knowledge, think like an FY1 and come up with key differentials quickly and systematically.
Lesson 8 - Ethical Scenarios and Dilemmas

This lesson gives you practice at confronting ethical scenarios and dilemmas. Learn how to construct balanced answers which show both sides of the argument before arriving at a well supported conclusion.

Lesson 9 - Data Interpretation and Presentation

Have a go at presenting graphs and answering questions about what they show. Similarly, it covers how to describe photos, tables and talking about scientific articles you might have read.

Section 4: Test Yourself

Lesson 10 - Mock MMI Interview

Use all the knowledge of the previous lessons to have a go at an online mock MMI. For each of the stations, we have included model good and bad answers so you can see what exactly interviewers are looking for.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…
  • Identify what qualities admissions tutors are looking to see during an MMI Interview
  • Synthesise your experiences into succinct, highly persuasive answers that demonstrate your journey into a medical career
  • Learn how to adapt your personal statement for the interview and build off your experiences
  • Talk confidently about medical ethics, science, data analysis and current affairs
  • Structure your replies to ensure you are answering the questions and showing enthusiasm and passion
  • Attempt a mock online MMI with access to our online mark scheme covering the most common stations in the MMI Interview

Why Our Course

10 video lessons

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10 booklets

A workbook which accompanies each video lesson


Great feedback received

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Structured course

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Written by Successful Applicants

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Course Author
This course was written by Dr Ankit Chadha, a medicine graduate from the University of Cambridge. Ankit secured offers from all 4 medical schools when applying to university, including the University of Cambridge, UCL, KCL and Queen Mary (London). He is currently working as an academic foundation doctor in London, with a specialist interest in oncology.

“I’m really happy with the experience I’ve got out from this meeting. It was an eye opener where I learnt a lot of various situation that I’ll have to face at the interview. Thank you so much for all the speakers for giving this opportunity and sparing your time for us aspiring medics!”

Bopage Selyn (27/11/22)

“A real insight into the medical interview process!
This was really useful. It gave me a real insight into the interview process and provided useful information into how to answer the individual stations of the MMIs. Thank you in2med”

Nikhil George (27/11/22)

“Very good tips and excellent explanations of medical ethics and how to structure your MMI answers.”

Jewel Shiju (27/11/22)

“Really useful and timely session – the ethics section and demo mock MMI was especially useful.”

Jane (27/11/22)

“It was really easy to understand
I am more confident with what to expect in the interview.”

Nisha Kieran (27/11/22)

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