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Clinical Medicine

Being a medical student can be overwhelming at times, you’re bombarded by information from so many sources that it’s difficult to know what to do first. Many students become burnt out, or start cutting corners and making mistakes.

The In2Med online portal is our answer providing a better way to study, with all the passion and none of the stress. Its completely free, so click on the modules below to start find out more and start learning!


This module first covers the basic anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system...

Written by Ankit Chadha

This module first covers the basic anatomy and physiology of the endocrine system...

Written by Ankit Chadha

This module first covers the basic anatomy and physiology of the GU system...

Written by Ankit Chadha

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This module first covers the essential anatomy and physiology of the renal system. We then go through the various types of simple investigations which give us an insight into the renal functions – including blood tests and the all important urine dipstick. We then take a deeper look into some of the imaging used and procedures like dialysis and renal transplants. We cover acute vs chronic renal failure, understand nephrotic vs nephritic syndrome and then look at urinary tract infections and cancers.

Personal Statement Course

Before you can begin your student journey you’ll have to apply for a place, and that can be the hardest part! Many schools don’t have the resources to help, but we have an accessible and affordable course that will help you to make your dream a reality.

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Our Story

The idea behind In2Med started because we know how difficult it can be to get into medical school. Then when we got to medical school ourselves, we found ourself using notes, books and guides that were incomplete, confusing or simply pitched at the wrong level.

We wanted to throw the computer at the wall!

We are passionate about smoothing the journey for other students. Becoming a doctor will never be effortless, but it can be straightforward. And we want every student, regardless of where they are from or what school they go to, to have the best possible chance of gaining admission into the medical school of their choice and becoming a doctor.

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This course gave me brilliant insight into the structure and content of my personal statement, to make it stand out to top universities.
Chloe Parker
This course was extremely helpful and interactive. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to study medicine, regardless of how confident you feel about the personal statement
Olivia Robertson

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