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Updated for 2023


This is an in depth course that goes through in detail every aspect of the application process – the application form, white space questions, academic and clinical interview. Learn my tried and tested method that I used when applying for my SFP. This helped me get offers from both London and Oxford.

What makes this course different?

With my course, I don’t assume that you have pre-existing knowledge about the application process. I am not going to say, go and read up the study types or how to appraise a paper.

Instead, I am going to teach you how to do this. This course includes both videos (narrated by myself) and text which include all the information you need to know to not only pass, but shine in your application and interviews.

By doing this, you’ll not only maximise your chances of getting an SFP, but you’ll learn skills that will be useful in all stages of your medical careers.

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Section 1: The Application Form

Introduction to the SFP
Extra Degrees
Cascade Offer System

Section 2: White Space Questions

Introduction (New Questions)
Qualities to Demonstrate
Academic Portfolio
Key Rules
Example Q1) Teamwork
Example Q2) Career Goals
Example Q3) Achievements

Section 3: Academic Interview

Research Principles
Study Types
Key Definitions
Risk and Odds Ratio
Clinical Trials

Section 4: Academic Interview – Appraising Papers

How to Appraise a Paper
Appraisal: Example 1
Model Answer 1
Appraisal: Example 2
Model Answer 2

Section 5: Clinical Interview – Personal Questions

Interview Basics
Demonstrating Qualities
Developing Interview Responses
Interview: Example 1
Interview: Example 2

Section 6: Clinical Interview – Clinical Scenarios

A-E Assessment
Patient Triage

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a strategy to maximise your chances of securing an SFP interview
  • Rank your choices to boost your chances of getting an offer
  • Write clear, convincing answers for white space questions
  • Understand the principles of research and the pros and cons of each study types
  • Appraise a research paper – define its core parameters and talking about internal/external validity
  • Go through an A-E assessment systematically and deal with common scenarios.

Why Our Course

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All the information you need to learn before you interviews


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Course Author
This course was written by Dr Ankit Chadha, a medicine graduate from the University of Cambridge who secured AFP offers from both London and Oxford in 2022. Ankit is doing an academic foundation programme in gynaecological oncology based at Hammersmith Hospital, London. He has passed his MRCP Part 1 with a score of 915 putting him in the top 0.1% of the cohort. 

“Really useful resource, with notes for all the content you need for medical school exams. Pitched at the right level and really easy to use. Also great courses for applications- particularly AFP course help from someone who has been through the process themselves!”

Eleanor Phelps (University of Cambridge)

“I used the SFP course and it was fantastic! It was very thorough and useful, especially for answering research-related questions. Thoroughly recommend it to every student thinking of applying!!! “

Radhika Acharya (University of Birmingham)

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