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In2Med is an online medical education portal for students at all stages in their medical career. We aim to create a single place with the best collection high quality resources that will help make your ambitions of becoming a doctor a reality.

For current medical students our portal hosts systems-based medical notes, pathology cases, online crash courses as well as advice articles written by your peers.

For medical school applicants, In2Med provides an insight into medical school and has blogs and courses aimed at maximising your admission applications.

Medicine notes

The best collection of medicine notes online to help you ace your medical school exams. And what’s more, they are completely free!. Just click on a topic to start learning today.








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Check out our selection of courses, designed for both school students applying to medical school and medical students at university.

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Clinical Cases

In addition you also get access to our weekly pathology case. Test yourself with our weekly pathology cases. Practice thinking of key differentials, interpreting investigations and applying your knowledge to answer these clinical cases.

Achy leg in a Child

Achy leg in a Child

Achy Leg in a Child Try out this paediatric case and test your clinical knowledge. The answers are at the bottom. Questions A 17-year-old boy presents to his GP with a dull ache in his left leg. He reports that the pain used to come and go, but now his leg hurts all...

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Abnormal Pharmacology and Nausea

Abnormal Pharmacology and Nausea

Abnormal Pharmacology and Nausea Try out this pharmcology case and test your clinical knowledge. The answers are at the bottom. Questions A 32-year-old woman presents to A&E with vomiting and nausea. She tells you that she was recently diagnosed with a UTI from...

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Difficulty Urinating

Difficulty Urinating

Difficulty Urinating Try out this urology case and test your clinical knowledge. The answers are at the bottom. Questions A 67-year-old man presents to his GP with a 2-month history of difficulty urinating. He reports that he often dribbles at the end of urination,...

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Tips & Advice

Grab a coffee and explore our blog to discover the bigger picture of life at medical school, and how the team have navigated those difficult questions.

As you explore our blogs you’ll discover the thoughts and personal experiences of our growing student community.

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