OSCEs – Top Tips

Hosted by In2Med
11th January 2021


This is a free event hosted by In2Med, to give key tips and advice to medical students who are preparing for their Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). This webinar is aimed at students in medical school in the UK but any students preparing for OSCEs from anywhere in the world are welcome! We will be hosting an online virtual and interactive OSCE workshop and OSCE station demonstrations. We will also be inviting speakers from medical schools around the country to talk about their top tips on how to prepare for OSCEs, and what steps you can take to maximise your chances to getting through those exams. 



  • Learn how to conduct slick OSCE examinations
  • Watch a mock OSCE station
  • Learn how to introduce yourself in a concise and friendly manner
  • Go through how to present your examination findings


Meet your two speakers for this event. Having graduated with a  distinction from the University of Cambridge, Ankit and Ellie want to share their method of clinical examinations with you. See how to conduct slick clinical examinations to ace those OSCEs. Specifically, we will focus on how to introduce yourself and make a strong opening impression, and how to lead a clinical examination. We will highlight what specific signs to look out for and then most importantly how to present your examination findings at the end. We hope to see you there.

Ankit is a graduate from the University of Cambridge working as a junior doctor in London. Apart from working on In2Med, Ankit enjoys DJing and socialising with friends.

Dr Ankit Chadha – FY1

Ellie co-founded In2Med with Ankit. She is originally from Edinburgh. Having recently graduated from Cambridge, Ellie will be working as a junior doctor at UCH in London. In her free time Ellie enjoys running and playing ice hockey.

Dr Ellie Phelps – FY1

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