In2Med University Admissions

Medicine and dentistry are two of the most popular, competitive yet rewarding careers in the world. However, they are also the most difficult courses to get admission into. This is further compounded if the number of seats available are only a fraction of the number of applicants that aspire to apply for these courses.

Why Medicine?

Most doctors agree there is no greater joy than curing a patient, or for a medical researcher than when you discover a new drug for a disease. If you want a degree and a career that offers numerous opportunities to grow and excel, to never stop learning whilst remaining at the forefront of innovation, then medicine is for you. It is a career that offers you satisfaction, respect, recognition and a stable livelihood which is protected from the economic uncertainties impacting most other careers.

Why Dentistry?

With the concept of dental hygiene and preventative care well established in the developed world and on a rapid increase in the developing nations, dentistry is a very respected and rewarding career with amazing prospects. It is also remains as one of the most competitive courses to apply for in the UK. On average, dentists working in the private sector can earn in excess of £140,000 per annum.

Admissions Steps

There are a number of key steps required to gain admission to study medicine or dentistry in the UK:

All students are required to submit an essay of 4000 characters which highlights their motivation to study medicine or dentistry and their experience and academic achievements to date. This is the first and a very critical step which needs to be right

This is an online form which is submitted to universities which includes the applicant’s grades, university choices, academic background and a reference from their school.

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test is a 2-hour online exam which is used by most dental and medical schools. It comprises of 5 sections, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Making, Situational Judgement and is scored on a scale of 300-900.

The Biomedical Admissions Test is used by the elite medical and dental schools. This 2-hour exam comprises
of Section 1 (Problem Solving and Critical Thinking), Section 2 (Science) and Section 3 (essay writing).

All prospective students are required to sit an interview in order to gain admission. This can exist in many different formats: traditional panel interview, MMI (multiplemini-interviews) and Oxbridge-style.

Why In2Med?

There are many steps required to gain an offer to study medicine and dentistry at a UK university. By enrolling with In2Med University Admissions we will ensure you have dedicated, personalised teaching which gives you a much clearer insight into the application process and a better chance to gain admission into medical or dental school.

 With our support, your intellectual potential and dedication, there should be no barriers to your entry into studying medicine .