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The Situational Judgement Test is an exam sat by all final-year UK medical students and plays a major part in the selection process for entry to Foundation Programme.

The importance of this exam cannot be overstated and from personal experience we have found that adequate support and guidance is often lacking.

We developed our own methods to tackle the SJT and want to share this to help students achieve their full potential.

Our course has been designed by a team of Doctors who have scored highly in their SJT examination and tested with up-to-date guidance, providing valuable and clear insight.

The course will be delivered by a Doctor who has experience with teaching SJTs and scored 47.6/50 in their examination.

We wish to share our passion for teaching and help alleviate stress surrounding preparation for the SJT, a crucial exam which decides your future.


Section 1: Welcome: Introduction to the course and SJT

Purpose of the examination
How to Prepare
Format of the Examination

Section 2: Question Types and Strategy

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Section 3: The 5 Domains of a Successful Doctor

Commitment to professionalism
Coping with pressure
Effective communication
Patient focus

Section 4: The basics of Foundation Training

Clinical vs Educational Supervisor
Incident forms
Confirmation of Death
Death Certification
The PALS team
Investigations and Imaging
Understand your colleague’s role
Discharging patients

Section 5: An overview of Good Medical Practice

Knowledge, skills and performance
Safety and Quality
Communication, partnership and teamwork
Maintaining trust

Section 6: GMC Guidelines by section

Patient safety
Financial and commercial
Mental Health Act
Fitness to practice

Section 7: Common scenarios with practice questions

Work/life balance
Use of social media
Learning and procedures
Breaking bad news
Patient harm and duty of candour
Inappropriate relationships
Organisational issues e.g. rotas/meetings

Section 8: Strategies and Test Yourself

Practice Questions - Part 1
Practice Questions - Part 2
Practice Questions - Part 3
Final Tips

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…
  • Learn key strategies for the new question styles new format rating, ranking and selection subtype questions including video based questions
  • ​Have an understanding of the GMC guidelines with focus on application to SJT 
  • Build on core knowledge for Foundation Year Training
  • Become confident in approaching common scenarios tested in the SJT exam

  • Learn the 5 domains of a successful Doctor and how to apply these to the SJT exam

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Ace Medics
Course Author
This course was created by Ace Medics. Ace Medics is an online educational platform for aspiring medical students and beyond.

“Great speaker. Succint and relevant information- more so than Emedica course. Everything was explained well and clearly. Good that you had a focused section on the new question types, particularly helpful that you went through some of the answers that you as a group felt were right, given that the new questions we had been provided with had no explanations attached’

Ellie Trip – Final Year Medical Student

The information was concise, excellently delivered and I really enjoyed this course. I cannot praise the speaker enough. Prompt start and stuck to timing throughout. My SJT exam is close and this was invaluable.

Jamilla Jack

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