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  • 9 video lessons each with a downloadable workbook
  • Example personal statements with detailed feedback
  •  Information about all UK medical school’s entry requirements
  • A step-by-step method that has proven very successful
  • Learn where to find work experience, volunteering and reading

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Course Overview

Before you can begin life as a student doctor, you have to secure a place at university. A huge challenge in itself and one where you’ll face a lot of competition.

Writing a personal statement is one of the most important parts of this process, but it’s also complex. Information available online is confusing and contradictory, while many schools don’t have the specific knowledge needed to help. Private coaching can also be very expensive and only available to a few.

We are passionate about helping interested students of all backgrounds to gain access to medical school. Our course shows them how to write amazing personal statements that will not just cover all the requirements but shine above the competition. This is about more than what to write, we understand what it’s like to struggle to find work experience or wonder what to do about predicted grades and we give full advice on every aspect of the process.

What's in the Course?

  • 1. Choosing to Study Medicine
    - Advantages and disadvantages of studying medicine
    - The medical and dental career path
    - The Application Timeline
  • 2. How to Apply to Medicine
    - Go through each step of the application process
    - Advice on UCAS forms, reference, predicted grades
    - Basics of the UCAT, BMAT, IELTS
  • 3. Personal Statement Basics
    - Learn the principle of what is a personal statement
    - Learn what qualities the universities are looking for
    - How can we demonstrate these qualities
  • 4. Gathering Experience
    - How and where to find work experience and volunteering
    - Other ways to gain experience
    - How to write about your different experiences
  • 5. Writing your Personal Statement
    - Go through a sample personal statement line by line
    - Key tips on writing style and structure
  • 6. Opening Paragraph
    - Learn the principles behind the opening paragraph
    - Look at different examples and analyse them
    - Write your own opening paragraph
  • 7. Work Experience Paragraph
    - Learn the principles behind the work experience paragraph
    - Look at different examples and analyse them
    - Write your own work experience paragraph
  • 8. Academic Interests and Key Attributes
    - Learn how to write about academics and key attributes
    - Look at different examples and analyse them
    - Write your own paragraph including these elements
  • 9. Conclusion and Final Tips
    - Learn the principles behind writing a conclusion
    - Some final tips before you finish
    - Read through 5 sample personal statements with feedback

Why Our Course

9 video lessons

Full comprehensive videos covering each section in detail

9 booklets

A workbook which accompanies each video lesson

Great feedback received

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Study online, anywhere, anytime

Can watch on your phone, IPad, computer anytime

Structured course

Precise, detailed information with a clear structure

Written by Cambridge Graduates

Written by successful medical students

Our Reviews

A small snippet of what our students say about us.

This course gave me brilliant insight into the structure and content of my personal statement, to make it stand out to top universities.
Chloe Parker
This course was extremely helpful and interactive. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to study medicine, regardless of how confident you feel about the personal statement
Olivia Robertson

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