Infectious Diseases

What this Module Involves

This is one of the most important modules to learn, given that most of our DNA is dedicated to protecting ourselves against pathogens. We start with going through the basic principles of the immune system before covering the main features of viruses, fungi and bacteria and how to classify them. A large section then covers the different drugs we use to fight infection before covering the different types of bacteria, fungal, viral and parasitic infections and how these are treated.


Section 1:

To begin, we go through a quick summary of how the innate and adaptive immune systems work. We then look at how we can classify and group bacteria according to Gram stain, shape and the enzymes they produce. We then cover the basic principles behind viruses and fungi, providing a greta platform for the next sections.

Section 2:

This section starts by looking at the drugs we use against bacteria, including different classes of antibiotics, their side effects and most importantly their spectrum of activity e.g. broad spectrum. We then move onto antiviral therapies and the antifungals stating their mechanism of action, indications and side effects.

Section 3:

We start by covering the sexually transmitted infections and their presentations. We then cover bacterial infections, focussing on sepsis and hospital acquired infections. We go through important parasitic infections like malaria, fungal infections and also essential viruses such as infectious mononucleosis and HIV.

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