What this Module Involves

Dermatology is actually really interesting. This module covers the basic principles of how we assess skin lesions. We then go through inflammatory skin lesions and go through the different types of skin cancers. We also explore types of drug reactions which can be life threatening as well as more benign skin lesions like birthmarks.


Section 1:
Dermatology Principles

To begin with, we will go through the 4 main layers of the skin and different skin types. We then go through how to classify types of skin lesions and what terminology to use (e.g. papule, macule, patch, fissure etc.) The final part of this section involves learning how to assess a skin lesion focusing on the 7S’s.

Section 2:

We start by covering the main types of eczema. This is followed by inflammatory and autoimmune skin conditions. A large part of this is learning about the different types of skin infection – bacterial, fungal, viral. We then assess the types of skin cancers and premalignant lesions looking at criteria for referral and treatment plans.

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